Sometimes we just have to stop and smell the Roses🌹


This week, I’m writing a series of challenges to help you (and me) slow down and savor the pretty good parts of life. Be sure you join our VIP text club and subscribe to our email list for more updates! 

When we live such frantic lives, we can end up moving from one thing to the next without really concentrating on anything in particular. We can hit the fast-forward button on life and not stop until the end. Which isn’t much of a life, now is it?

Life is not a race. It’s a walk around the block, a casual stroll through the park, a deep abiding in where you are right now. Anything else is a facsimile, a farce, some cruel distraction from what’s most important.

It took my life to change. 

10/13-The Day That Changed My Life Forever. The day that I went in to surgery for an outpatient cyst removal, the day they found what looked like Stage 3C invasive Ovarian Cancer. This very diagnosis was the beginning of the rest of my life and part of my WHY and how I started Pretty Pieces. 

But it helped me to stop and smell the roses, as they say. More💜✨🌹. 

As a new business owner then, I began to understand that cliche everyone tells you is actually true: it ain’t as easy as it looks. But I don’t want this experience of LIFE to race by; I want it to drag on, deliberately and definitively.

I want to enjoy being here. Because I’m not waiting for this to be done; I’m not biding my time until the “good stuff” comes. This is it: the very best stuff life has to offer.

The reality is, this is true for all of us, wherever we are. Right now is the only time you will ever have. So it has to be the best — because it’s all you get. 

Better make the most of it.


Stay Pretty! 

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