Are you riding waves or are you creating them?

Are you riding waves or are you creating them?


Honestly, it’s super easy to follow a template or quite frankly copy what’s already been done and ride someone else’s wave.


But, really is that wave you’re riding what you were put on this earth to do? 

Play someone else’s game, follow in someone else’s footsteps?

I don’t think so.

When you ride waves, you’re always behind. You’re always trying to catch up with the latest trend, the newest marketing tactic. 

Today it’s this persons formula you’re following and tomorrow it’s another, but what about you! Your true self is always going to be one, or multiple steps behind if you’re always chasing a wave to ride on and not creating your own wave.


The question is, will you attempt to frantically ride someone else’s wave, or will you just create your own? The choice is yours. 


Doing what’s already been done is inevitably a much safer path than pioneering your own. But going this route means that you’re always trying to catch up. Because you’re always following, you’re never ahead. Because you’re wave-chasing, you’re always in reactive mode. You’re never thinking strategically, you’re just reactively trying to incorporate the latest trends or into your own. 


So how do we stop wave-chasing?

If you want to create something truly great, if you want to be number one in the race, you absolutely must play your own game. 

You must be Pretty in your own right! 

Don’t try to be the next Steve Jobs or the next Oprah Winfrey. 

There could never be another THEM

Be the next YOU. 


Start creating your own lanes, especially in fashion. Tear everything down and build your own empire from the ground up. On your terms. It will be perhaps the hardest work of your life. But it will by far be the most rewarding.

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