#MondayMotivation: You are Favored

Listen, when I tell you things will come at you all type of ways, you can’t see up from looking down, friends walk out on you, family turn their back on you, but through it all you’re still standing! That’s because of the favor on your life! I’ve had my share of life’s trials, and I know more will come. However, instead of feeling like it’s me against the world, I look at it as God preparing me for the next level He’s taking me, I look at it as favor being immensely on my life, that’s why trials and situations are intense. That’s something to smile about, God doesn’t favor just anyone, but He does favor the ones He loves, the ones that are special to Him. Pretty Lady you are special to Him and you are favored. Don’t go through life any longer feeling sorry for yourself....noooo instead rejoice and be glad, you may not see it now, but greater is on the way!
It's Monday again, Remember you are loved and favored!

Nicole Banks, CEO 
Pretty Pieces

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