It’s All about that Plaid!

It’s all about that plaid, bout that plaid, bout that plaid no treble. 😆!

Okay admit it, you saw that coming. Did you sing that?

We have one of our best trends fashion on the blog today, just in time to show some new fun new ways to style plaid! Take it away Nicole!

am so thrilled to be diving into this blog. I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite fall trends. In case the multiple posts didn’t give it away, I love plaid.

It is so easy to wear, and I love the endless styling options. Aside from the obvious pairing of a flannel and jeans, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to wear plaid.

1. Dress up your plaid – Although I love it, plaid does not have to equate with 90’s grunge.

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2. Wear a plaid shirt as a second layer over anything or with a pair of pants – This is one of my favorite ways to style plaid. It easily makes your wardrobe more versatile. Plus, who doesn’t love fall layers?


3. Plaid doesn’t have to be flannel – You can easily buy a silky plaid and wear it with anything in your closet, even a pencil skirt. 

4. Buy plaid in something other than a shirt – There are some great plaid jackets and skirts out there this year. And don’t get me started on the plaid dresses. 

Let’s just say you have a plethora of plaid options here with us. 🖤❤️

Thanks for reading be sure to stop by for daily outfits inspiration! 


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