Fashion Friday: Why we love Cardi B and how her and Bruno Mars have reinvigorated 90’s Style in the video for ‘Finesse’

If you don’t know who Cardi B is you must have been living under a rock for the last few months as she has taken the music and social media scene by storm and it doesn’t seem like she’s letting up any time soon. Her latest endeavor has to be my favorite yet and it’s the uber effervescent remix to Bruno Mars’ latest single ‘Finesse’.  The duet seems a perfect mix of opposites attract as Cardi does a lot of things that Bruno Mars doesn’t: She’s uniquely quirky, raps all the time, and in my opinion, is extremely fashionable. The stripper turned social-media slayer turned reality-television star turned Billboard chart-topper has worn a lot of hats, and they all seem to fit her as if she is the first to ever wear them. In the video, she bodies the 90’s fashion as if she wasn’t born during that era, and in her swagalicious way, she rocks those acid washed daisy dukes and those extra large hoop earrings like nobodies business, topped off with a retro jacket something like Joseph’s technicolor dream coat, she pouts and smirks and then, splashes paint on the camera in a way only she can.


Photo: Youtube/BrunoMars

As a 70’s babies, the 90’s and the In Living Color era are staples in my memory. I so truly appreciate the way that Bruno pays homage in imagery and in fashion to an era that I will forever love. Artistic, fashionable, creative and nostalgic, this one’s a winner and I am here for the 90’s fashion.

What are your thoughts on the Cardi B-Bruno Mars collaboration? Did they get the 90's right?

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