We are super excited  to announce the release of our newest collection - THE DATE NIGHT PRETTY COLLECTION and we’ve partnered  with instagram Influencer and Girl Boss Elvisa Dedic.

The Date Night Pretty Collection just dropped on our website in which Elvisa had a hand in curating and we are so ready to learn even more about her.
Today we are catching up to talk all things fashion, how Elvisa’s social career got started and all the outfit inspo you could ever need.


How did you get started being an influencer? I have always been passionate about fashion since I was a little girl in Bosnia. My mom used to dress me every single day and she would always put together the most beautiful pieces on me which left everyone in awe. The way she matched everything, put them together, along with accessories was so inspiring to me. Dressing well, and being able to accessorize an outfit with the right shoes, jewelry, purses is truly an art to me now and has been in my heart since I was 4 years old. Every year I would always win the award in school for being the best dressed, thanks to my mom. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without her. Years later I started getting into social media just posting random pictures of myself and my own unique fashion style, and then I was randomly approached to start modeling for Fashion Nova & PrettyLittleThing and that’s really what took my career as an influencer to the next level. 

Who inspires you the most?
Women from the 50’s’s-70’s era inspire me the most. I look up to and admire them a lot. I find myself gravitating to this era because of the way they dressed, their vintage style, their elegance, demeanor, and their femininity. It is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to me.

Any tips for someone who wants to take a similar path? The most important thing I have learned in this field is to maintain your true identity. Be creative, and let your art show through your own unique work. An original can never be duplicated. Also, learn to focus. You have to have tunnel vision if you want to truly be successful in this field because there will be many trials and tribulations. Don’t be discouraged by people who are way ahead of you. That didn’t come overnight. They had to put in a lot of years, hard work and dedication to get to where they’re at, and you can do the same. Your only competition should be the reflection in your mirror. Focus. No distractions.

What prompted you to start your own brand? I’ve always loved and been passionate about makeup and have been fascinated how it can enhance a woman’s natural beauty. I put a lot of time, dedication, and hard work into this brand and I’m so excited to be able to share something that I customized and created on my own to women all around the world. I always wanted to build my own unique brand and leave a legacy behind. My goal wasn’t to always wear brands, it was to become one and I stayed true to my word since day one.

What is your biggest goal with your brand and modeling career? I want to inspire, motivate & positively impact women all around the world, especially in the younger generation. I want to show the younger generation that you don’t need to disrespect yourself to obtain success, and to never take the shortcut by trading your dignity, morals, and respect for success. It may take you longer, but you are carrying your self-respect with you, and that will always get you further in life. Don’t step on anyone to make it further and always have pure intentions with everyone you come across. This is important because character, respect & reputation cannot be bought. Your character, your brand, and who you are will take you far and will be expressed through your actions.

Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?
My hardest critic has been myself. I strive to be the absolute best at what I do. Sometimes I don’t always have my best days but I still find a way to keep pushing myself. I am my own competition. I love growth and I only compete with the person I was the year before. I strive to make it to the top. I have learned that even when I’m tired, it’s okay to take time to rest and recharge myself. You don’t always have to be so busy pushing yourself so hard and feel overwhelmed, because those moments of self-care will add value, energy, purpose and creativity to everything you do. Replenish your spirit and it will allow you to serve the best version of yourself. Rest, but don’t quit.

What’s your favorite pieces from Pretty Pieces?
My favorite piece would be the Karen Animal Print BodyCon Dress. It’s a very beautiful, classy, and sexy dress that is not too tight but still shows your curves and it’s perfect for a date night. This dress is definitely my style.

If you had to explain your style in three words, what would they be?
Elegant. Classy. Sexy.

You can shop the full drop here

And as an added bonus, we will include a free gift with each purchase from the Elvisa Cosmetics Collection! 


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