I Love My Body

Let’s face it. We all have insecurities. We are always our own worst critic. You see an image on social media, and you begin to think, “no one is going to love me, I don’t look like that”. Next, you look into the mirror and start to say out loud, “I would look better if I could change_____”. Then you go to the extreme, you try and change what you didn’t like about yourself from the beginning, Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not against cosmetic enhancements. I just don’t think they will be effective if you don’t change from within first. So here is what we’re going to do. We ae going to switch it up. if we can be our most harsh critic, then certainly that means you can be your biggest fan. That’s right. We are no longer comparing ourselves to the images on social media that tell us we have to look a certain way to love who we are. It is time to celebrate yourself and what makes you, you. It all starts by changing hour mindset. Our thoughts are so powerful. If you think bad on yourself, so it will be. If you think positively, so it will be. So first, we are going to change how we think of ourselves. Once your mind frame shifts, start speaking kind words to yourself. Tell yourself, yes out loud, what you love about your body. Say it every day until you believe it. Before you know it, those words turn into actions. Now, your more confident, and you hold your head a little higher. Now, the opinions of others don’t matter as much. Now, you are ready to conquer the world, fearlessly.


What made this campaign so special, is that all of the women you see highlighted went through this process. We are all different shapes, sizes, heights, weights, and ages, yet we had the same thoughts above. We shared intimate stories of inadequacy and comparison, and while everyone’s path was different, they were all too familiar. This campaign was put together to break the narrative, and show girls that look like us, that it is ok to love yourself just the way you are. By highlighting what makes us unique, we are now representation that someone else needs to see. Denim is the one thing that we all love. No matter your age or shape, we all love a good pair of jeans. From a skinny jegging, to flare leg overalls, every BODYshould be able to wear what they want, and what makes them feel good. Most importantly, we all deserve to see a representation of ourselves in the models showcasing the clothing. With that being said, I hope you all find your perfect pair!

Written By: Ericka Durant


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