Blogger Edit- Meet Ericka D. of Curves, Curls and Convo

We recently teamed up with Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Ericka D. of curlscurvesandconvo to release a Blogger Edit, a curated collection of our pieces styled and edited through the lens of a blogger. I sat down with Ericka and got her take on the edit and here’s how she described it! 

“Earlier this week I saw a question and it said, what is sexiness to you? I thought about how I would answer that question and when I felt the most sexy. For me, I like my sexy to be subtle. This weeks blogger edit is just that; a subtle sexy. These looks will transition you from work to play, while showing off just enough to keep them wondering. From the silhouette of the baroque Ericka dress to the sheer Raina lantern sleeved top, these look will have you show off your subtle sexy.“ Ericka D. 

I hope you enjoy the edit and find a few pieces you love and add them to your Pretty Pieces Collection. Ericka is giving us a fresh interpretation of some of our more popular pieces and guess what? We’re so here for it! Stay tuned for more edits as we work with Ericka on another collection soon!!!


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